Tuesday, October 18, 2011

almost halloween

and we DO have a new house, and it IS amazing not to be renting anymore, and i am so much happier about the endless project list than i ever have been before, because this house is mine. forever. no, really, i am never doing this again. this is my forever house, i am going to die in this house. hopefully not soon, but you get my point. i am so happy with this house, so satisfied with our choice, so grateful for all the help we had from my family in getting the house...the process was a nightmare, the year in the worst rental house ever was a nightmare, but we have really woken up from a horribly stressful process in a beautiful space.
as usual, i am letting my life get too complicated, so i am turning to my neglected home/family blog to sort out my thoughts in public, cause that is normal, right?
project number one is a family calendar. project number two is a new house chore chart/binder. project number three is a master list of projects. it is cooling off, finally, and i am ready to get busy. pictures to follow. namaste, bitches!