Tuesday, October 18, 2011

almost halloween

and we DO have a new house, and it IS amazing not to be renting anymore, and i am so much happier about the endless project list than i ever have been before, because this house is mine. forever. no, really, i am never doing this again. this is my forever house, i am going to die in this house. hopefully not soon, but you get my point. i am so happy with this house, so satisfied with our choice, so grateful for all the help we had from my family in getting the house...the process was a nightmare, the year in the worst rental house ever was a nightmare, but we have really woken up from a horribly stressful process in a beautiful space.
as usual, i am letting my life get too complicated, so i am turning to my neglected home/family blog to sort out my thoughts in public, cause that is normal, right?
project number one is a family calendar. project number two is a new house chore chart/binder. project number three is a master list of projects. it is cooling off, finally, and i am ready to get busy. pictures to follow. namaste, bitches!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

almost ours...

i think i can commit this to virtual reality now. it isn't ours yet, we are waiting for the financing to be finalized and then for closing. but it is almost ours, and i am going to just post this here and say, this is almost our home. because i am having serious anxiety and need to think positively.
so, here is the house that is almost ours.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

always broken goddess

ok, so we all know i am a poser indian, which i guess grants me a bit of being a poser hindu, as well. it really isn't my fault that i gravitate so strongly towards a culture that i have no blood ties to...it has always been the case. i didn't seek it out, i swear! i have streaks that draw me to japan (food, design, kawai, buddhism) and thailand (food, foliage, buddhism) as well, but my heart and soul just feels indian, i can't help it. i love the food, the collectivist culture, the penchant for chaotic color and decorating everything that has a surface, the films (ok, ok...hush.) i love the language, and learning it has been easier than by all rights it should be, at my age. so, this morning, my beloved friend kat posted this article about the goddess akhilandeshwari, literally translated as "the never not broken goddess". i am in the middle of mad laundry and housekeeping while the walls upstairs are being painted back to antique white semi-gloss so that our slumlords will return the extortion money that they demanded to allow me to paint it (colors!), so i can't really get into why this affected me so deeply today, but it did, so i wanted to blog it and keep it so i can come back to it when there aren't paint fumes, etc. please read it. it is amazing. namaste, bitches!

Friday, June 10, 2011

reviving this blog

i essentially abandoned everything having to do with keeping track of my daily life for almost a year. i am looking at where i left this blog, the photos i posted, what i was thinking and worrying about, and i feel like it was a hundred years ago. this has been the longest, most difficult year of my life since the first year of vincent's life. and that was different, had so many more moments of bliss to even out the agony and drudgery and most of all, the constant feeling of not knowing what i was doing. there have been precious few of those moments for me this year. since we made the decision to leave our lovely house in east dallas, i have felt anxious almost all the time, unsure of my decisions, insecure about the future, and generally uncomfortable in my own skin. you know, figuratively, since i am always physically uncomfortable. that has been unbearable this year too. a dull roar, but constant and disorienting. but i digress. i am not good at ambiguity. i am not comfortable in it, it really bothers me. i am nothing if not decisive, but each decision i have made for the last year seems to have been wrong. we decided to move to the suburbs and literally two days before we moved out of our house, the dream charter montessori school called to say that a spot had opened up for vincent. oops! they had told us several months before that there hadn't even been any spots open to hold a lottery, and that only unexpected, non-returning students would provide spots for the fall. we couldn't risk those odds, right? so that was my first feeling that we had made a mistaken decision. then, the house that i picked to rent was a nightmare, an absolute ridiculous nightmare, and that all seemed like my fault too. then i decided to cheer the place up by spending money to paint it pretty colors, and right now i am dealing with spending more money to get it painted back to white. it really is ugly white, by the way. but the colors couldn't have helped much because i have never, ever, even for one minute, felt at home in this place. which is now in the process of being packed, upended, repainted white, etc, etc. because we are moving into, what i hope will be our house, in the middle of our street, where it's usually quite loud, for many many years to come. we are waiting for the financing to be finalized, and closing. so it isn't our house yet. i am afraid to assume that things will happen as they should. i have had my confidence in my ability to make the world that i live in with my little family as it should be shaken. i hope that this house happens and that it is as good as i think it will be. i hope that i regain my inner confidence and feeling of competence. i hope for a lot, but i think you need to hope for what you want, and work for what you need. so i am going to work at getting this awful house packed up and vacated and just move my family forward as best i can. so i am reviving this blog, which was meant to be my open diary until what would have been written in it was too dark to commit to writing, let alone share. so do me a favor and follow me, comment here and there, and inspire me to keep it up, ok? ok, thanks. i mean it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

no shit, sherlock, or...well, thank you miss easter!

monday, after school, vincent and i were walking towards the crosswalk to go home, and miss easter, principal, stopped me and told me that "we are so proud of vincent, he is doing so well, etc. etc. that we don't feel that implementing the plan that we discussed is necessary..."

no shit, sherlock.

"oh, good! we were pretty certain that it was just an isolated incident, adjustment, blah blah blah..."

"yes, well, he seems to be doing quite well..."

yes, he does, because he is amazing and cool and smart and sensitive and i am very glad that you are getting a more accurate picture of him, getting to know him, and not jumping to crazy, negative conclusions about him anymore...

"thanks! we are feeling good about it, and vincent really seems to love school! see you at the picnic on thursday night!"

oy vey.

Monday, September 20, 2010

some pictures

after all my bitching, people are probably afraid to come over here! proof that my blood sweat and tears are starting to pay off...

my command central. still haven't unearthed my framed srk quote/photo that i had above my desk at work, but a spot to the right has been reserved...
the gray curtain to the right hides the laundry and shelf full of cleaning supplies.

a long shot of the kitchen.
note the hideous, swashbuckling, ponderosa-esque cabinetry. can you see the hammered black hardware? and that oven belongs in the smithsonian.
the floor is linoleum, friends.

hideous electric stove and questionable tile backsplash. excuse the diet supplies.
if i could only convey the slight stickiness of that varnished wooden wall next to the stove, you would shudder. i have scrubbed it with everything i could think of, including TSP, straight white vinegar, and a scotch brite. it is impermeable.

the family room, standing at the opening to the kitchen, and turning clockwise. the green walls have really been washed out by these photos, especially the one of the table. i have a large oval mirror in a beautiful silver carved frame that will go above the table, as soon as i get my butt to home depot for hangers. it's heavy.

i still need to make the curtains for these rooms, as well as for the front living room and vincent's room. i meant to unpack the art room today, but haven't gotten in there yet. loser.

upstairs pictures next.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


my mom came over friday and really helped me make some serious progress. now. everything that was in a box inside the house is unpacked. there are still boxes in the art/play room, and there are still boxes in the garage. but all common areas and both bedrooms are feeling much more put together. some things have been hung up on the walls, too, which really helps it feel more like home. i still need to make a trip to home depot for some mirror-hanging hardware, since i have decided to hang my huge oval mirror above the table.
i am still missing some specific things that motivate me to keep pushing through. our white ceramic dishes, for one. the rest of the breakable knick-knacks, which i culled through whilst packing and kept only the ones that were very meaningful...i am ready to find those. and by thursday, it is my goal to have all of that done, as well as the many, many, many family photos hung, american family style, on the wall going up the stairs.
we really have plunged full face into suburbia and elementary school life. our street is having a block party-type thing for national night out and we are planning to attend, bring our covered dish and two canned goods and the whole bit. meet the neighbors. be the good guys. we also have another school function this week, so we will be spreading out a blanket, i guess, and meeting more parents. i have two that i chat with when i pick vincent up already, so maybe we will sit together? this shit is as bad as actually being in elementary school. well, almost, since i do know for a fact that it is not the entirety of human existence, this game of socialization and popularity and alliances and appearances.
in other news, the orientation for that elusive contract job is friday, hence the thursday deadline for the house. there is still no contract start date, so i have my friend who works at green oaks floating my resume to HR for a F/T therapist job on the women's unit. days, M-F. and if by days, they mean 7-3, i am going to fall on trying to get that job like white on rice. i won't be able to actually pick vincent up at school, but i can be home within 30 minutes of that. maybe earlier if i would be allowed to skip lunch? but i get ahead of myself. as usual.
finally, speaking of not eating lunch, i am starting the hcg diet protocol tomorrow. i will be blogging about it, but not here, and i am not sure if i want to publish that one, since it will mean exposing my weight and measurements to the world. i have a lot of shame about that, so maybe if anybody wants to read about it, they can leave me a message and i will email them the link. i wouldn't mind the support, i am just not sure i want my highschool boyfriend or people i have worked with to know those kinds of details about  me just yet.
really, and truly, will post pictures of the new house next time, since i did indeed unearth my card reader on friday.