Saturday, June 11, 2011

always broken goddess

ok, so we all know i am a poser indian, which i guess grants me a bit of being a poser hindu, as well. it really isn't my fault that i gravitate so strongly towards a culture that i have no blood ties has always been the case. i didn't seek it out, i swear! i have streaks that draw me to japan (food, design, kawai, buddhism) and thailand (food, foliage, buddhism) as well, but my heart and soul just feels indian, i can't help it. i love the food, the collectivist culture, the penchant for chaotic color and decorating everything that has a surface, the films (ok, ok...hush.) i love the language, and learning it has been easier than by all rights it should be, at my age. so, this morning, my beloved friend kat posted this article about the goddess akhilandeshwari, literally translated as "the never not broken goddess". i am in the middle of mad laundry and housekeeping while the walls upstairs are being painted back to antique white semi-gloss so that our slumlords will return the extortion money that they demanded to allow me to paint it (colors!), so i can't really get into why this affected me so deeply today, but it did, so i wanted to blog it and keep it so i can come back to it when there aren't paint fumes, etc. please read it. it is amazing. namaste, bitches!


  1. perhaps in a former incarnation, you were indeed hindustani!

  2. that is the only logical answer. of course, if you believe that former births are logical, which i totally do. another check in the hindustani column? ji haan!