Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of school!

the day started out well, vincent emerged from his bedroom at nonna's house and announced, "dada woke me up in the dark of night"...yes, he said "the dark of night". he is named for vincent price, you know. he flopped down in the chair and got his team oomi zoomi on for a bit while he sort of ate breakfast. he got dressed and allowed himself to be thoroughly groomed, sans the nail trim he needed. what? i don't want people thinking he isn't properly tended to! 
i snapped this picture outside of my parent's house and we were off. 
he did really well, getting shy and hiding behind josh when the principal said hi to him outside...BTW, she said, "hi vincent!" VINCENT, she remembered his name from friday night...color me impressed. he rallied, though, and when we got to the door of his class, he saw mrs. crump and cruised right in, not even saying goodbye to me or my mom. josh got a hug in, but my big boy left his mama in tatters, crying in the hallway. 
good for him. 
i proceeded to the library where all of my own school and peer-group issues promptly flared up, namely the "oh shit, all the blond girls are staring at me, sitting together, while i sit over here by myself" issues. they passed, and a nice PTA mom named renea, who is the webmaster of the PTA site, came and sat with us. the librarian was also cool (of course) and i promptly managed to get volunteered/volunteer for an hour or so a week in the library. i am very cool with that. as i stated on my FB page, i need to be "that mom who volunteers in the library" or "that PTA mom that is on the teacher appreciation committee" rather than just, "that mom with the tattoos". for vincent's sake. 
here is his t-shirt that he picked and wrote his name on when we went to meet-the-teacher night on friday. 

so, we headed home, and mom and josh headed off to work, and i took advantage of my temporary unemployment to spend about 4 hours, i am not kidding, calling to get the utilities changed over, the water delivery, the movers booked, you know, all that stuff. it is all done. well, except the water bill, which i need to do in person (how quaint!) at richardson city hall. 

so, there is an ice cream social (PTA sponsored) Thursday night, we will be there. 

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  1. Oh my god. You have a blog. That is fantastic.

    I am so glad Vinny had a good first day. I figured he would.

    Also, I looked at the school website and was like "Why are there two churches listed under 'Community Partners'? Oh, right. Its Richardson." Gross.

    I can't wait to come visit you at the new place! Of course, I'll give you time to unpack. :P

    Love you!!!