Saturday, August 21, 2010


inspired by my friend sylvia, i decided that my personal blog is, well, too personal to link regularly to my facebook page, and my facebook friends might deserve a rest from my every thought. maybe not, but my mother-in-law did post that she "liked" a FB group called "not everything you think about needs to end up as a status update" or something to that effect recently...although in a "describe me in one word" email we shared a few years ago she did (accurately) choose the word "talkative" for, i can take a hint! (hi nancy! i love you!)
at any rate, i have decided to create that ultimate testament to grown-up life, the family blog. since i have recently turned my life upside down by leaving my job of three years so that i could be mom to a kindergarten student (yep, that is me!), and we are about to move, and our family and friends are scattered by geography and lifestyle all over the place, i figured this was a good way to keep my virtual village checked in, should they choose to be, with our lives. in our house. in the middle of our street.

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  1. I love reading about what's going on in your life and Vincent's life (even Josh too).