Friday, September 3, 2010

feeling better.

so last week, we got the keys to the new place and i promptly plummeted into a depressive tailspin. the place was filthy, looked forlorn and dingy, smelled horribly of kimchee, and just generally served to remind me that my plans to be a home owner this year just weren't gonna happen. i rallied and went to home depot to buy paint. i have a lot of feelings tied up in painting the walls. we never painted the walls here in almost 5 years. well, we did paint the playroom finally, about two years ago, after taking up the awful carpet and putting black and white checkerboard linoleum down...the walls looked downright brown after that, and i painted them two lovely shades of blue. but the whole rest of the house stayed white (ish) and i hung my stuff up and just ignored it. then, last year when we started looking for a home to buy, i comforted myself with the thought that soon, soon! i would be able to paint the walls whatever color i wanted.
i am big into painted walls. although i never wear colors, and for years i never decorated with colors, now i feel strongly about having color surround me. just two years ago i finally realized and admitted that i suffer from a bit of seasonal affective disorder, that is, the gray winters bum me out. to remedy that i went crazy for high wattage, full spectrum light bulbs, and lots of them. but what i really want is color.
hello, bollywood obsession. those colors, all those colors on everything...yes. that is what i need.
so, although we are renting this house, and probably (hopefully!) not for more than a year, i am painting all the rooms. all of them. different shades of blue, green, lavendar and gray. some red even, for trim, against some turquoise blue.

i am getting A LOT of help with this, although i planned to, and started to, do it all my own. see, josh thinks that doing all of this work is silly, but i don't agree with him. he says it is like painting a hotel room. but spending all of my time, which i have plenty of right now, since i remain unemployed, making this rental feel like mine, feel like home, isn't silly at all to me. it is necessary.

pictures next time.


  1. it sounds as if it will be lovely! I'm considering a gray for my sewing area! I can't wait to see it. ftr, who knows what Josh thinks of me, but I've painted every rental I've been in.

  2. I think you've infected us. Quinn's room will be orange with a very light blue gray and Conor's room will be bright blue with that same light blue gray.