Sunday, September 19, 2010


my mom came over friday and really helped me make some serious progress. now. everything that was in a box inside the house is unpacked. there are still boxes in the art/play room, and there are still boxes in the garage. but all common areas and both bedrooms are feeling much more put together. some things have been hung up on the walls, too, which really helps it feel more like home. i still need to make a trip to home depot for some mirror-hanging hardware, since i have decided to hang my huge oval mirror above the table.
i am still missing some specific things that motivate me to keep pushing through. our white ceramic dishes, for one. the rest of the breakable knick-knacks, which i culled through whilst packing and kept only the ones that were very meaningful...i am ready to find those. and by thursday, it is my goal to have all of that done, as well as the many, many, many family photos hung, american family style, on the wall going up the stairs.
we really have plunged full face into suburbia and elementary school life. our street is having a block party-type thing for national night out and we are planning to attend, bring our covered dish and two canned goods and the whole bit. meet the neighbors. be the good guys. we also have another school function this week, so we will be spreading out a blanket, i guess, and meeting more parents. i have two that i chat with when i pick vincent up already, so maybe we will sit together? this shit is as bad as actually being in elementary school. well, almost, since i do know for a fact that it is not the entirety of human existence, this game of socialization and popularity and alliances and appearances.
in other news, the orientation for that elusive contract job is friday, hence the thursday deadline for the house. there is still no contract start date, so i have my friend who works at green oaks floating my resume to HR for a F/T therapist job on the women's unit. days, M-F. and if by days, they mean 7-3, i am going to fall on trying to get that job like white on rice. i won't be able to actually pick vincent up at school, but i can be home within 30 minutes of that. maybe earlier if i would be allowed to skip lunch? but i get ahead of myself. as usual.
finally, speaking of not eating lunch, i am starting the hcg diet protocol tomorrow. i will be blogging about it, but not here, and i am not sure if i want to publish that one, since it will mean exposing my weight and measurements to the world. i have a lot of shame about that, so maybe if anybody wants to read about it, they can leave me a message and i will email them the link. i wouldn't mind the support, i am just not sure i want my highschool boyfriend or people i have worked with to know those kinds of details about  me just yet.
really, and truly, will post pictures of the new house next time, since i did indeed unearth my card reader on friday.

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