Monday, September 20, 2010

some pictures

after all my bitching, people are probably afraid to come over here! proof that my blood sweat and tears are starting to pay off...

my command central. still haven't unearthed my framed srk quote/photo that i had above my desk at work, but a spot to the right has been reserved...
the gray curtain to the right hides the laundry and shelf full of cleaning supplies.

a long shot of the kitchen.
note the hideous, swashbuckling, ponderosa-esque cabinetry. can you see the hammered black hardware? and that oven belongs in the smithsonian.
the floor is linoleum, friends.

hideous electric stove and questionable tile backsplash. excuse the diet supplies.
if i could only convey the slight stickiness of that varnished wooden wall next to the stove, you would shudder. i have scrubbed it with everything i could think of, including TSP, straight white vinegar, and a scotch brite. it is impermeable.

the family room, standing at the opening to the kitchen, and turning clockwise. the green walls have really been washed out by these photos, especially the one of the table. i have a large oval mirror in a beautiful silver carved frame that will go above the table, as soon as i get my butt to home depot for hangers. it's heavy.

i still need to make the curtains for these rooms, as well as for the front living room and vincent's room. i meant to unpack the art room today, but haven't gotten in there yet. loser.

upstairs pictures next.

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  1. Looks nice!! Especially the Command Central Part.

    (Gauri Radha here, my email account is showing up anonymously.)