Wednesday, September 22, 2010

no shit, sherlock, or...well, thank you miss easter!

monday, after school, vincent and i were walking towards the crosswalk to go home, and miss easter, principal, stopped me and told me that "we are so proud of vincent, he is doing so well, etc. etc. that we don't feel that implementing the plan that we discussed is necessary..."

no shit, sherlock.

"oh, good! we were pretty certain that it was just an isolated incident, adjustment, blah blah blah..."

"yes, well, he seems to be doing quite well..."

yes, he does, because he is amazing and cool and smart and sensitive and i am very glad that you are getting a more accurate picture of him, getting to know him, and not jumping to crazy, negative conclusions about him anymore...

"thanks! we are feeling good about it, and vincent really seems to love school! see you at the picnic on thursday night!"

oy vey.

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  1. of course, of course. I'm certain the more they know him, the more they'll love him!!